Tuscania and Vulci Tour

The day tour to Tarquinia, Tuscania, and Vulci introduces you to southern Etruria, where the ancient Etruscan people founded some of the most important city-states of the Dodecapolis.

The tour begins in Tuscania, an ancient city of Latium founded by Aenea's son, Ascanius, according to the legend. The place was later inhabited by the Etruscans. Enjoy a visit to the necropolis of Madonna dell'Olivo before moving on to Vulci, one of the largest and most important Etruscan city-states. Vulci had a strong maritime and trade evolution with Greece and the Orient, as evidenced by its awe-inspiring archaeological finds.

Do not miss the 3rd-century B.C. majestic bridge. The medieval castle of Badia, managed for half a century by the Templars, is also a must-see.

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