Bomarzo, Viterbo, and Bagnaia Tour

Sacro Bosco di Bomarzo, also known as the Park of the Monsters, is the first stop on this tour. Created by the architect Pirro Ligorio, the park is now a veritable open-air museum. It is characterized by large sculptures made from peperino tuff that come to life as grotesque and mythological figures.

The second stop is Viterbo. It is referred to as the "City of Popes" after hosting several popes in the 13th century. Viterbo is the quintessential, peaceful medieval city. Its 13-century San Pellegrino village and historical center remains intact, while the heart of the city sparks charm and fascination. In Viterbo you can visit the National Etruscan Museum and the Rocca Albornoz, featuring the Biga di Castro, a rare Etruscan chariot, as well as an extraordinary statue of the Goddess Demeter.

The driver will then take you a few minutes from Viterbo to Bagnaia. Here, you can visit Villa Lante, a rare mix of a park and an Italian garden built in the 16th century. Walking down its paths you will discover gorgeous fountains, decorated pools, cascades, and water features that descend from the highest terrace of the park to the garden below the villa.

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