Pitigliano, Sorano, and Sovana Tour

Pitigliano is the ideal destination for a day trip from Civitavecchia Port.

Pitigliano is known for its unique architectural nature. Sitting high on a spur of tufa, the village blends with the underlying rock, bringing a breathtaking scenery to life. Every epoch has left its mark on this magical place. The ancient people who inhabited it dug the tufa, creating a city beneath a city made of tunnels, wells, tombs, and cellars.

Its historical center is defined by the narrow streets of the old Jewish ghetto. In fact, Pitigliano is known as "the little Jerusalem". It both resembles the ancient Holy City in appearance and the historical presence of a significant Jewish community that has left important cultural symbols in the village. Inside the ghetto, you can visit the synagogue, the "forno delle Azzime", and the ritual bath.

The tour continues with the quaint Sorano village, then onto Sovana, the ancient capital of the great Aldobrandeschi fiefdom. Because of its beauty, Romanesque cathedral, and ancient medieval palaces and fortress, the small town of Sovana has been ranked among the most stunning in Italy. The visit to Sovana can be topped off by the fascinating Etruscan necropolis' monumental Tomb of Ildebrando and the famous Tomb of the Mermaid.

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